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Images of Hope

We commissioned local photographer Alice Marple-Horvat to take a series of striking images that convey some powerful emotions connected with money worries and the freedom that comes when hope returns.

You are not alone – others experience these emotions too.  Remember, there is always hope.

We don’t all experience emotions in the same way, nor will we express them to others in the same way, in words or through art.  For Alice, this Images of Hope project is part of her own hope as she showcases her ability with conceptual photography.  You are welcome to tell us how you would describe these emotions.

These images show what it can feel like when things go bad and when they go well, in terms of self esteem; mental health; and freedom.

Copyright 2017 Alice Rose Photography. If you decide to share these images online please copy and paste the link to Alice’s photography page in the description to credit her work.