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We are a social enterprise dedicated to seeing people live fuller lives by helping them regain control of their finances.

What does hope look like for you?

  • Is it a life free from the constant struggle of debt?
  • Is it knowing there’s money each month to treat the kids?
  • Is it being able to save for a family holiday?

Whatever hope looks like for you, Signs of Hope is a safe place to talk money and take steps towards  more hopeful future.

Experiencing Signs of Hope

There are several ways to access our specialist money advice support. Roll over the boxes below to find out more…

Drop In for a chat


“If only there was a safe place to talk money, to make sure my next choices don’t make things worse.”   When asking for help can feel like a sign of weakness, we know that it takes strength to take a first step.  Click here to see Drop In locations & times.

Online Resources


You are not alone.  There is a way out of this.  Click here to read stories from ‘survivors’ who have been where you are now.
Click here to read our Factsheets that help to take the mystery out of tackling debt and budgeting matters.

Budgeting Tools and Techniques


Our simple Budget Planner helps reveal where you need to make decisions with your money.
Keep it up to date, to remain in control.

Click here for details of upcoming Budgeting Courses.

Confidential Advice via Referral


Every Signs of Hope client says they wished that they had sought help sooner.  Independent funders allow us to provide free-to-client advice.
Click here to find out if you can be be referred through one of our partners.

What makes us different?

We give that most precious of commodities: time. We take time to truly listen to each client, and then stay with each client as they regain control of their finances. We bring our energy when clients are weary, and we help clients find hope when they feel the situation is hopeless. We are that safe place where no one is judged or criticised.

How do we work?

Our services are available by referral, and are available in locations across Worcestershire. We work closely with like-minded partners, to help achieve a deeper and more sustainable recovery. Please check the Resources section to find out what is available today, for referral routes and for a safe place to talk money that works for you.

What do we deliver?

  • Online resources and regular Drop In sessions aim to help prevent money difficulties from escalating.
  • Funded advice projects to meet with a specialist adviser to tackle problem debt.
  • Budgeting tools and techniques to help adapt routines and retain control of money.
“The decisions I made from coming on Signs of Hope’s budgeting course have led to me getting back in control of my finances, and believing I can earn a living … and make my kids proud of me.”

We understand

We know that it’s easy to become overwhelmed by powerful emotions like worry, despair, guilt, embarrassment, pride and shame. We know what it’s like to try everything else first before asking for help. We really do know what that’s like and we really do care. That’s why we talk about hope, your hope for the future, because at these times hope may be the only thing more powerful than those feelings that entrap us.

Check out Images of Hope to see a gallery of photos that portray one local artist’s interpretation of some of these emotions.